Damien’s Story

MY STORY – by Damien Endacott

I’m late 30’s and working as an engineer. I started going deaf from Menieres Disease when I was 18. My right ear was the worst and I pretty much lost any decent hearing in that ear when I was 23.

I got a hearing aid for my left ear in 2005 but found a hearing aid would be useless for my right ear. Over the past 2 years, the hearing in my left ear fluctuated severely and I found simple conversations difficult to maintain particularly on the phone, music sounded terrible and work was really quite stressful.

I started CI assessments in January this year and have had repeated assessments because my appointments kept falling on good hearing days. I finally got a few assessments done on a couple of bad hearing days and was finally given the go ahead to proceed.

Surgery was 7 weeks ago and switch-on was 3 weeks ago. Within seconds of switch-on, I could understand speech, albeit a little high-pitched. Later that afternoon I was able to talk to my sister on the phone and in the evening I was able to listen to music. I was back at work the following week and have one less thing to worry about now. To say that my life has improved because of the CI would be an understatement.

My wife is over the moon to have me back. It’s been an amazing experience.

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