Ingrid’s Story

 North Queenslander Ingrid Turner has experienced first hand the life-changing power of technology with Cochlear Implants (CI) opening her life to a world of sound.

In December 2009, Ingrid went bilateral and was the first Queenslander to be fitted with a Nucleus 5 (Nucleus CP800) implanted in her right ear.

Ingrid was diagnosed with a degenerative hearing loss which slowly caused her to go deaf over a period of 20 years. Originally a mainstream science and maths teacher, Ingrid’s profound hearing loss made it impossible for her to teach.

In April 2008, Ingrid received a Nucleus Freedom Cochlear Implant in her left ear through the Attune Cochlear Implant Program. With the ability to hear again, Ingrid could appreciate the simple things in life – being able to teach teenagers again, watching TV without subtitles, how her car beeps if she leaves the lights on and learning that the music her sons like is not for a mother’s ears!

Now a dual Cochlear Implant recipient, Ingrid shares her experience and the differences between the two CI devices.

“I have found that the remote control which comes with the newer Nucleus 5 model is an improvement. I don’t need to fiddle with the button on the actual processor or take it off my head. The larger screen and buttons are more user friendly on the remote control and I find I am more likely to experiment with program options.

“I feel more confident and less self-conscious to customise programs and experiment with the device to suit different auditory situations as they arise.” Ingrid received her implants through the Attune Cochlear Implant Program.

“It is vital for recipients to be fully aware of all the programming functions of their Cochlear Implant to make the most of this amazing technology.

“The expertise of the Attune team really helped my confidence and Karen Pedley (Attune CI Program Manager) was a great support to me.”

Attune Audiologists have been helping Australians to hear again with Cochlear Implants since 1992.

Attune is a full-service medical audiology company, supervised and supported by Ear Nose and Throat Specialists.

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