Katie’s Story

 When I was 12 years old, in 1980, my hearing faded away for reasons unknown, but possibly a virus. I received my first implant in my (left) ear on 13 December 1989. I had that one for 16 years.

After 10 years of silence I was very happy to eventually have my music back. This implant helped me to obtain a University degree. I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (B. Soc. Sc.) majoring in Human Services with a minor in Disability Services 1997. Shortly after university finished I had to opt out of the life I had planned due to health problems.

In 2005, my implant started to fail. In May 2006, after 16 years of faithful service it was switched off.

I received my current implant around May/June 2007 in my (right) ear. As that ear had not been stimulated for 27 years, it was a bit of a rocky start. But I am sure with the help of my Audiologist and the Mater Cochlear Implant Clinic it will improve with time and effort.

However, I am happy to be here today to see everybody and to recochlear implant community.

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