Break the Sound Barrier


Break the Sound Barrier is uniting our entire sector for a common cause – to make hearing a national priority.

Hearing is not one of Australia’s national health priorities.  It means there we do not have the adequate investment in services and research we need. It also means there is not a focus on community education. It’s a barrier that is preventing too many Australians from reaching their potential.

The campaign was launched at the weekend and has a new website and Facebook page and even a video.  Its aim is to tell our stories and share our experiences to get hearing on the national agenda.  The long term goal is for state and the federal governments agreeing to make hearing Australia’s 10th national health priority.

We’ve also put together a six point election plan that campaign supporters will be asking all parties to support ahead of the election to show they’re listening.  It’s called Be Heard this election.  We’ve already started to be heard in the media and this is only the beginning.

Be part of the movement to Break the Sound Barrier!

Now it’s time to tell people why your organisation supports this campaign.  Here are a few simple actions your organisation can take to help spread the word about the need to make hearing a national health priority.

1. Share the campaign on social media

Social media is a powerful tool.  Like and share our Facebook page and Twitter

Use the #soundbarrier hashtag when posting and tweeting about hearing health and wellbeing.

If your organisation is on social media, share the following graphics through your channels and encourage followers to show their support by changing their profile pictures:


Don’t forget to ask people to sign up to the campaign website at

2. Send an email to your members/supporter list

Your members and supporters can show their support for the campaign here:

The more people who sign up to the campaign, the greater chance we have of being heard this election, so why not send them an email asking them to join your organisation as a Break the Sound Barrier supporter?

Click here to download a template email

3. Download and display our materials

Download, print out and display our Break the Sound Barrier materials in your organisation:



4. Highlight the campaign on your website

Include the following button and link to the Break the Sound Barrier campaign on your own site.




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