We all know the downside of hearing loss, but there are many positive aspects!


We read so much about how being Deaf/deaf or having a hearing loss is detrimental to our lifestyle, and in many ways that is true, but we should pause to acknowledge the positive aspects that come with ‘not hearing ‘.

I came up with some scenarios that people enjoy about ‘not hearing’ and you may be able to add to them. All of us with a sense of humour can recognise the humour present in hearing loss situations.

  1. We can tune out background noises! Do we really need to hear the lawn mower, traffic, a loud thunderstorm, dogs barking, kids screaming? NO! So we switch off for blessed peace and quiet.
  2. We can easily ignore people / partners and have a valid excuse for not taking out the garbage or picking up the mess in the kitchen!
  3. How good is it not to hear someone snore and sleep peacefully?
  4. We can stay out of dramas when there is arguing and stress. Do we really need to hear all those arguments or long winded conversations that can send your BP skyrocketing?
  5. We can on occasion just sit back and watch the world go by. They say actions speak louder than words and it can be fun to interpret what someone is saying or doing.
  6. We can avoid unwanted phone calls from telemarketers trying to sell something, by saying you have a hearing loss and then they are quick to end the call.
  7. We can get instant peace and quiet by simply switching off our ears. We then get time to meditate/think/pray or just have time out, which a lot of hearing people just can’t do.
  8. We can become creative listeners, focusing on lip movement and body language to fill in the gaps with our hearing, and asking well-timed questions to ensure we understand what others are trying to say. The extra effort on our part makes us more attentive and thoughtful in conversations, which is a boon in making new friends and catching up with old ones.
  9. We can have more empathy and understanding for people with hearing loss and disabilities.

Joining a CICADA support group is a wonderful way to make new friends, increase your self-esteem and get involved with something that is a big part of your life.

Embracing your hearing loss and understanding both sides of the loss can offer you greater understanding, self-worth, compassion, a chance to look on the ‘BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE’ and be over-comers and achievers in the face of obstacles!

– Penny Phillips, Sunshine Coast Representative

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