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Monthly Meetups recommencing…

We have started our monthly meetups again. Please check our Google Calendar and Facebook page for the most up-to-date information on venues and dates. Please keep in touch with your local Representative if you have any questions and stay safe and protected.

Our Medical USB Wristband is now available in different colours

This portable device is a snap-on bracelet with an USB on one end for storing your medical details in the event of an emergency.

The cost is $13 each. If ordering online, postage costs $2.20 extra. If purchasing from a CICADA Queensland event the cost is $12.00.  An order form is available on our Forms webpage


CICADA Queensland 2019 Christmas Party

You can view the photos of the party at the following link: Libby Best Photography

CICADA Queensland has registered for Containersforchange

Our ID number is C10055414 – we suggest you write the ID number on a piece of paper and keep in your wallet for when you take the containers in. You can also visit for information on what containers can be taken for change.  

The money will be paid into CICADA’s bank account – all you have to do is to punch in the  ID number and hand your containers in! It’s that easy!

Our new Information Booklet on cochlear implants is here!

You can obtain a copy from one of our monthly meetups or you can contact our secretary, Shirley Edwards, for a copy or more. This publication is free, but donations are welcome to cover the administration and postage costs if copies need to be posted to you.

Contact Shirley via for more information on obtaining a copy of this informative booklet that aims to answer all your questions about getting cochlear implant/s and its maintenance.


Symphony of Stories released 27 August 2016 now selling for $5.00

This is a collection of stories about what it is like to receive a cochlear implant and finally be able to hear sounds again. 

Contact Shirley Edwards on to obtain a copy.

Lions Club Donation Supports CICADA Queensland 

Redland Hospital’s ‘Be Heard’ Project

Click this to view in a separate window


  • Select ‘Play All’
  • Select ‘CC’ (a red bar should appear below it)
  • Select ‘HD’
  • Select ‘Quality’
  • Select ‘720p’
  • Select ‘Full screen’ option


A petition was established to agitate for all broadcasts of Parliament to be captioned, including live-captioning.

This petition closed on Tuesday 8 August 2017.

This petition can  be viewed on the website for the Queensland Government.