Books to read

Books to Read

CICADA Queensland has produced the following publications about cochlear implants:

  • Real Stories, Real People – a collection of stories from 18 cochlear implant recipients in book form.  SOLD OUT
  • A Symphony of Stories – a collection of stories from 16 cochlear implant recipients in book form. Now selling for $5.00 each. Contact our Secretary on to obtain a copy.
  • Everything you need to know about cochlear implants – an information booklet compiled by Shirley Edwards and Penny Phillips. Donations are gratefully accepted if asking for multiple copies to cover administration and postage costs of delivery.

Did you know that there are also over 20 books available on cochlear implants and hearing loss?

You might like to order them through your library. Some titles are:

  • A Guide to Hearing Loss for Family and Friends by Pamela Heemskerk
  • He Is Not Me by Stuart McNaughton – a deaf childhood, a hearing adulthood, One Life
  • I’ll Scream Later by Marlee Matlin – famous deaf actress and Academy Award winner
  • A Penny for your Thoughts – an autobiography of deaf/blind cochlear implant recipient Penny Harland. 
  • Bill Gibson by Tina K Allen. Click here for order form.
  • Bridge to Sound With a ‘Bionic’ Ear by Cynthia Farley
  • Cochlear Hearing Loss by Brian Moore, ISBN:1861560915, published by Whurr Publishers Ltd.
  • Cochlear Implants: A Practical Guide edited by Huw Cooper & Louise Craddock, ISBN: 1861564813, published by Whurr Publishers Ltd.
  • Cochlear Implants Fundamentals and Applications by Graeme Clark, ISBN: 0387955836, published by Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.
  • GRAEME CLARK: The Man Who Invented the Bionic Ear by Mark Worthing, published by Allen & Unwin. Click here for further information.
  • Hear Again: Back to Life with a Cochlear Implant by Arlene Romoff  – I read Arlene Romoff’s book before deciding to have cochlear implant surgery. I was delighted with her matter of fact, candid, humorous, and personal diary of everyday events and the personal struggle she has gone through with a hearing …
  • Learning to Hear again with a Cochlear implant by Donna S Wayner, Tudy Abrahamson & June Casterton, ISBN: 0-9664780-1-0, published by Hear Again Publishing
  • Listening Closely: A Journey to Bilateral Hearing by Arlene Romoff  – When I was researching cochlear implants for myself, I read Arlene Romoff’s first book, “Hear Again”. It was the inspiration for making the decision to go forward with the cochlear implant surgery. My life was changed forever!
  • Listening to the waves by Regan Nicole Brady – Regan Brady is a middle-school girl who wears two cochlear implants. She shares lots of interesting experiences, embarrassing moments, interactions with other kids, and dealing with security at the airport, among others.
  • MAW Again.: Back to Life with a Cochlear implant by Arlene Romoff, ISBN: 0967784301, published by Sterling.
  • MO Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation edited by Karen Pulley, Ellen Giles and Anthony Hogan, ISBN: 1861563213, published by Wiley.
  • Neurophysiologic Basis for Cochlear and Auditory Brains-tem implants by Rage R Miller, American Journal of Audiology Vo1.10, pp 68-77, December 2001.
  • 100 Stories of Australians with hearing loss – collated stories by Deafness Forum.
  • Programming Cochlear Implants (Core Clincal Concepts in Audiology) by Jace Wolfe – This book is targeted at audiology students who would like to learn how to program cochlear implants. It presents the general principles, then moves on to some brand-specific information.
  • Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human by Michael horost, ISBN: 0618378294, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  • School Professionals Working With Children With Cochlear Implants by Patricia Chute and Mary Ellen Nevins, ISBN: 1597560138, published by Plural Publishing.
  • Sound is Not Enough – Captioning as Universal Design – increasing awareness of captioning – available either hard copy or an e-book. Click here to order.
  • Surgical Consult: Bioethics and Cochlear Implantation by Linda Komesaroff, ISBN: 1563683490, published by Gallaudet University Press.