Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks!

For useful pointers on caring for your cochlear implant, view our Maintenance Tips for your CI

The Boogie Board Jot has the ability to save and edit what is written on the displays through an app that is available in the Apple & Google Play Store – it does not save to the device itself. When searching for the app type Boogie Board Jot.

Supported Platforms

iOS 9 and later
• iPhone: 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus
• iPod Touch: 5th gen & 6th gen
• iPad (iPhone compatibility mode): 2nd gen, 3rd gen, 4th gen, Air, Air 2, Pro, mini, mini 2, mini 3 and mini 4

Android v4.4 and later

So while the device itself does not have the ability to save – it CAN be paired with a smartphone application to ensure conversations/important messages are saved! I have just tried it out, it uses the camera on your phone to scan it in,  and as long as the lighting is good, it is very clear. In low lighting it is less clear.

Have you got surplus older soft glass cases or similar? 

Use one to store your remote assistant in, to guard against breakage if the remote suddenly falls to the ground.

Advice sent in by a member who says it’s one way of putting use to older soft glass cases, and to use as a safety feature.


When the battery life of your N6 processor is near the end of its life, the remote will send a signal to warn you. If the remote is nowhere near you, you not only possibly won’t hear it, but a hearing person could mistake this sound for a smoke alarm battery going flat as happened recently.

We suggest placing the remote in the mobile phone holder (pictured left) that CICADA distributed at their 25thAnniversary and keep near you!


A guide for travelling with your Cochlear Implant courtesy of Cochlear Ltd.