Videos and Other Information

Videos and Other Information

‘Supporting People Ineligible for NDIS’ Disability Consulting Services blog dated October 8, 2018

Does Love Last Forever – Check your hearing ability. Video produced by Cochlear Ltd.

Hearing Awareness Week 2013 ABC Radio Interview

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

Audiology Clinics Queensland May 2017

Caring for your Cochlear Sound Processor Video

Cochlear Aqua+ Gordon & Marilyn trial the Aqua+

Cochlear Implant Comparison Chart for Cochlear Ltd products

Cochlear Implant Comparison Chart – from all manufacturers

Cochlear Nucleus Sound Processor Product Comparison Chart

Cochlear Implant Surgery

Cochlear Implant Risks and Limitations

Cochlear True Wireless™ Accessories Datasheet

42 questions to ask about Cochlear Implant surgery

Funding Options for Cochlear Implants in Australia

How Natural Hearing Works

Hearing Loss, How Hearing works and other articles:

How do Cochlear Implants work? The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant—MED-EL

How a Cochlear™ Implant works with a Nucleus 6 Sound Processor

How the Cochlear Baha Attract System Works

How the Cochlear Baha Connect System Works

How the Cochlear Nucleus 6 Hybrid System Works

Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip

How to upgrade the firmware on Cochlear Mini Microphone 1

Kanso information:

List of Hearing Loops & FM systems as at 10 November 2018 

MED-EL Blog on hearing health topics 

MRI and Cochlear Implants: The Facts:

Further information on MRI & diathermy

Policelink SMS numbers

JUST IN CASE YOU NEEDED TO KNOW… Cochlear Ltd Processor release dates:

Nucleus 5 was released in 2009
Nucleus 6 was released in 2013
Nucleus 7 was released in 2018

Different countries will have different release dates, but this is a general guide.